Those who are interested in this field will find a wide variety of options available as the public service sector continues its rapid expansion. Attending a career fair or conducting an internet search is, in point of fact, the greatest approach to find a job in the public sector. As a result, this guide explains what jobs to do and the incomes associated with them.


Public service companies are the best paying in the country

Public employees earn slightly more than those in the private sector. 


Meeting advances to determine minimum wage increase

According to the study, 43.8% of the personnel in the country’s organizations are professional positions and assistants.


Best Paying Jobs In Public Utilities


Nuclear License Engineer 


Engineer in Charge of Nuclear Licenses Makes $120,814 Per Year


Nuclear licensing engineers aid nuclear power facilities in securing necessary licenses and meeting regulatory benchmarks. To guarantee the safety of all systems and machinery, you collaborate with the NRC and regulatory experts.


By collaborating with subject-matter specialists and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, you play a critical role in ensuring that the company is always in compliance with the relevant legislation (NRC). You will be responsible for researching regulations, conducting design and licensing documents, and completing safety analysis reports.


A Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering is required for a career in nuclear licensing engineering.

A Control Room 

An enormous physical facility known as a control room is where a distributed service is implemented, controlled, and monitored.


To manage, run, and maintain the gear and equipment in the control room, public utility corporations employ control room supporters. The minimum requirement for becoming a Control Room Supporter is a high school diploma or its equivalent.


The control room operator is in charge of overseeing everything that occurs in the control room, including scheduling security guards, keeping an eye on check calls, and responding to and monitoring email inquiries as well as check calls


Water plants operators 


$47,880 per year in salary


Water plant operators are responsible for the day-to-day operations of water treatment plants. The operators of the water plant keep a close eye on the various treatment processes in order to guarantee that the finished product is of the best possible quality. In addition to this, they ensure that their facilities comply with any federal, state, and local laws that may apply to them.


Worker responsibilities may also include operating pumps and valves, inspecting equipment in their county or municipality, performing routine equipment checks, cleaning filters, and performing preventative maintenance tasks. This position offers one of the highest salaries available in the public utility industry.


It is necessary to possess both a high school diploma and a professional certification in order to work at a water treatment facility. It is not required to have a bachelor’s degree or an associate’s degree in order to get a job at the entry level, but you will need one in order to advance in your career.


The following image might help you why it is necessary for you to hire a water plant operator.


Is Public Utilities jobs a Good Career Path


This year, public employees in Colombia had more salary increases than those in the private sector.


This was revealed by the National Research on Salaries and Benefits, carried out annually by the Colombian Federation of Human Management, Acrip, which highlights that public workers increased their income by an average of 6.75%.


What Do Public Utilities jobs Pay


 In Colombia, employees in the private sector in the country received a general increase of 6.65%.


Salaries in China already exceed those in Colombia ) 


The study also found that Public Service companies pay 59% above the national average, while hotels and tourism pay 55% below.


The investigation analyzed more than 900 positions of 1,055 Colombian and multinational companies, distributed in 14 of the most important cities in the country and related to the 24 sectors of the economy.


“This year the investigation concludes that the salary increases for this 2017 were 6.65%, above the CPI with which it closed 2016 (5.75%) and slightly below the increase in the Current Legal Minimum Wage (7 .00%); which represents that the companies are in tune with the economic reality of the country”, affirmed Lorenzo Ruíz Ortiz, Director of the National Research of Salaries and Benefits of ACRIP Nacional.


Regarding the cities, Bogotá leads the ranking with 6.71%, slightly above the national average. It is followed by Cali, Medellín and Barranquilla.


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